The Land: Melbourne Recital Centre

Our Client: Major Projects Victoria; The Issue: Authorisation of projections into airspace above roads

The Land: Murray River frontage at Mildura

Our Client: Places Victoria; The Issue: Assembly of land parcels for redevelopment

The Land: Coasts, Lakes and Rivers across Victoria

Our Client: Department of Transport, Planning & Local Infrastructure; The Issue: Governance of recreational boating facilities

The Land: Lake Boga

Our Client: Goulburn-Murray Water; The issue: Strategy for managing 140 illegal encroachments

The Land: Anywhere that people congregate

Our Client: Victorian Environmental Assessment Council; The Issue: What makes Melbourne ‘liveable’?

The Land: Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Our Client: Lend Lease on behalf of Myers Pty Ltd; The Issue: Acquisition of rights to airspace for pedestrian bridge

Lex Loci's Travels


Lex Loci's Travels is an ad hoc one-pager from The Public Land Consultancy. Read about his past explorations here...



17 December - Lex seeks the Bunyip

17 October - Lex contemplates the Religious and the Successory

25 September - Lex goes Radioactive

3 September - Lex Watches the Boundaries Move

13 July - Lex Stumbles in the Gutter

25 June - Lex talks to the River Yarra

21 May - Lex saves Ten Shillings

27 April - Lex Parks on the Beach

29 March - Lex avoids the Bushrangers

1 March - Lex sings Country Music

25 January - Lex Jumps the Fence

8 January - Lex tests the Waters


23 November - Lex goes to Church

31 October - Lex considers People-Power

16 October - Lex contemplates Gravity

18 September - Lex at the Corner-most Corner

29 August - Lex Loci and Captain Cook

21 August - Lex is Discriminated Against

7 August - Lex at the New Works

17 July - Lex joins the Squattocracy

3 July - Lex gets his gear off

8 May - Lex in Never-Ever Land

24 April - Lex sips a Grange Burn single malt
14 March - Lex and the Burkes Flat UFO
13 February - Lex cheers them on at Whitten Oval
1 February - Lex's Grandpa goes to the Circus
4 January - Lex checks out some Boots


19 December - Lex Rolls into Town. Then he Rolls Out Again.

21 November - Lex likes Numbie-Munjie 

9 November - Lex queues for a dim-sim

19 October - Lex falls off his trailbike

11 October - Lex and the Revengers

3 October - Lex at the Scene of the Murder

26 September - Lex in Soho (Geelong, not London or Manhattan)

19 September - Lex walks to Tassie

5 September - Lex ambles along Chelsea Beach

19 August - Lex Loci at Kerrigan's Castle
8 August - Lex Rocks at the Bundy

25 July - Lex and the Elephant in the Landscape

21 June - Lex Loci keeps clear of HMVS Cerberus

6 June - Lex Loci visits the new Parkville Station

9 May - Lex Loci wades in Winton Wetlands

26 April - Lex Loci visits Herring Island

18 April - Lex dines ratepayers' expense

4 April - The Castlemaine Historicals

9 March - The Abattoir by the Yarra

22 February - Underneath Punt Road

8 February - Marilyn's Legs...Rosalind Park, Bendigo

12 January - The Corroboree Tree, St Kilda Junction  



18 December - Lex Loci visits the North Pole

2 December - Deep Fine Leg, Koondrook

19 November - A Beautiful Bluestone Laneway

9 November - A very Ordinary Sub-station

20 October - Lex visits the Convincing Ground